How Do I Get a 800 Number For My Business

What are toll-free numbers?

Toll-free numbers are phone numbers that have distinct three-digit codes that are dialed from landlines without cost to the person making the call. They allow users to connect with companies and people outside the region without having to pay an extra long-distance charge for the call.
Toll free numbers are frequent for calls to customer service. Toll-free service has historically provided prospective customers and others with a convenient and free method of contacting companies. However, wireless callers are charged for airtime minutes they use during the call, unless they are on the “unlimited calling” plan.
Customers are also able to send texts to toll-free numbers, as long as the number can be “text enabled,” and businesses are able to send texts to respond.

Benefits of Having an 800 Number

Utilizing an 800 number for calls to customers is a way to gain competitive advantages. Additionally, it’s a cheap option to improve the ROI on your marketing campaigns, or offer an easy number to customers in need of assistance.

  • Expand your business: Go from being perceived as a local brand to a nationally recognized company with an 800 number. Anyone across the U.S. can call your business number without paying long-distance charges. Likewise, RingCentral offers international toll-free numbers enabling customers worldwide to connect to your staff.
  • Unify your brand: You may have several phone numbers for different departments in your company, which can confuse clients. In contrast, an 800 number can be used on all business and marketing collateral, and calls to this number can be forwarded to your main number for call routing or even to specific extensions.
  • Improve ad performance: A memorable toll-free phone number used for marketing and advertising such as billboards, brochures, mailers, and digital ads can increase calls to your business. Potential customers use the click-to-call feature on your online ad, scan a Quick Response (QR) code linked to your phone number, or easily recall your toll-free vanity number from a billboard.

A few of the advantages that an 800 phone number can provide are:

Expand your business: go from being viewed as a local company to a globally recognized brand with an 800 phone number. Anyone in the U.S. can call your business number , without incurring long-distance fees. In addition, RingCentral offers international toll-free numbers that allow customers from all over the world to connect to your team.

Make your brand consistent Your brand may have several telephone numbers for various departments within your company that can cause confusion for customers. On the other hand an 800 number could be put on any marketing and business collateral. Calls to this number may be directed to your main number to facilitate call routing, as well as to specific extensions.

Enhance the performance of your ads A memorable toll-free number that is used for advertising and marketing like billboards, brochures, mailers and digital advertisements can bring more the number of calls you receive to your business. Customers may use the click-to call option on your online advertisement or scan a Quick response (QR) code that is linked to your phone number or quickly recall your vanity number toll-free from an advertising billboard. We  provide service at Call Nation and Prepaid Mall.

Advantages for Small Businesses

While local numbers may be able to promote your company to the community An 800 number demonstrates the presence of a national brand. The majority of customers are aware of various prefixes for toll-free, including 800 855, 888, and 833. An 800 number creates the impression of being a huge well-known brand, and creates a confidence to potential customers.

Smaller businesses typically make use of a local business number for all day communications. They may also place the 800 phone number in marketing materials. It is also possible to connect your toll-free phone number to the specific campaign. This lets you design targeted greetings to callers, and monitor the responses to your ads. If you set aside the 800 number to promote your products, you will enjoy the same benefits as call tracking software but on smaller size.

A vanity number that is toll-free is another efficient way to promote your business. You can alter the final seven digits of your telephone number in order to create a memorable. This is particularly useful for advertising outside of the home, such as billboards. For instance, it’s easier to remember 1-800-WINNERS and 1-800-FLOWERS rather than the specific numbers. We also provide service to 208 area code, 240 area code and many more.

Downsides of Having a Toll-free Number

While toll-free numbers offer many advantages, in some instances, local numbers might be the best for your company. It is possible to start with a local number, and then add an 800 number in the future.

Some of the potential disadvantages that come with having an 800-number include:

More expensive: Many VoIP services offer free, unlimited calls. However the toll-free minutes you get aren’t for free , or you might have a limit on minutes. Overage costs can quickly add up. Not intended for global use international users: Internationally-based residents incur costs for calling an U.S.-based 800-number, and the call might not be successful. This means that your company has to spend additional money to purchase additional numbers for use by international customers.

Additional spam calls: There could be unwanted solicitations as well as spam calls from your publicly-listed toll-free number. In addition, if you previously had the toll-free number used by a different company, you may receive calls from people looking for the company.

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