How To Use Indian Mobile Number In USA

How can I manage Indian mobile number in USA?

Using Indian sim card in foreign countries like United States is not so tuff. Yes you can use it but what you have to know is using Indian sim card in America charges much more than it usually charges in India. I had a friend name john who was a chef whose hometown was the united states but he came to India for 1-year trip. There was a problem using his sim card in our country so he took one of our Airtel sim cards and installed it on his phone. During that time Airtel has no 4g network it was 3g. Also, the network was not that good but we used it on our mobile. After he came to our country he made so many friends and shared his Indian phone number with his friends. But now his trip was coming to end without sharing the American number he went back to his country.

But the problem started now he was so curious to contact us but he was not that technical guy and had no knowledge about sim cards. So I contacted him and said take that sim and insert it into another phone and I added 1000 international credit or recharged to that number. Now the sim was active he created WhatsApp from that number again and he was very happy to contact us. Like this, I solved his problem. If you are also facing the same issue then take your Indian number and recharge that number with international roaming and that’s it now you are on.  To call the United States from India, dial: 00 – 1 – Area Code – Land Phone Number 00 – 1 – 10 Digit Mobile Number00 – Exit code for India, and is needed for making any international call from India. We provide service at Prepaid Mall and Lets Dial.

How can I use Indian SIM in international phone?

Using Your Unlocked GSM Cell Phone in India. To save money, especially if you’re going to be using your cell phone a lot, the best solution is to have an unlocked GSM phone that will accept the SIM (Subscriber Information Module) cards of other carriers and to put a local SIM card in it. To keep the SIM active, you have to keep recharging it to extend the validity. Every network has cheap plans specifically for this. Use a WorldSIM global SIM card when you travel internationally and you will get low-cost rates around the world. All of our global SIM cards are compatible with any unlocked device and they are triple punched so they fit any SIM slot (i.e. standard, micro, and nano).We also provide service at 219 area code , 256 area code and many more.

How to Call the from US to India

Dial 001 using your telephone’s keypad. “00” is the exit code for India, which must be dialed when making international phone calls. The “1” is the country code for the United States.[1]
If you are calling from a mobile phone, you can substitute the “00” for the “+”, usually located on the 0-digit key. You can usually select it by clicking and holding it until the “0” switches to a “+”.
You will then continue to dial the country code and telephone number as usual. For example, +1 (555) 555-5555. If the phone number is a mobile number, the area code may no longer represent the geographic region the owner is located in. Contact the person via mail or email if you do not have this portion of the phone number. Dial the recipient’s 7-digit phone number. The last 7 digits, along with the 3-digit area code, make up a unique phone number for every line in the US. The 7-digit phone number may exist across any or all of the 291 area codes, though. Press “Send” on your telephone to initiate the call. If your phone does not begin to ring after dialing the last digits, you will need to press a “Send” or “Call” button. The recipient’s telephone will now start ringing. You can also read our blog about virtual us phone number .

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