efficient, diligent & reliable

A simple, cost-free initial conversation quickly gets your project off the ground, expediting the process and ensuring that my expertise is the right fit for your objectives, whether you're across the country or across the street. I work with clients from Los Angeles to London, via email and phone when at a distance and in person whenever needed.

I am well–versed in working with every level of an organization: creative teams, marketing directors, agency principles, account managers, traffic managers, CEOs, sole proprietors, design firms and all vendors, doing all I can from my end to make sure the process is seamless, productive and pleasant for everyone! Adhering to the specific scope and pace of your project, we'll review all content needs and create a timeline for all deliverables— content/navigation maps, drafts, feedback, revisions and finals. After completing any additional needed research and upon receiving the green light, I start writing.

I'm great with tight timelines, dogged about deadlines and 100% dependable when your project needs to go 100mph, whether it's a website about to launch, a brochure going to print tomorrow or an ad campaign that suddenly needs a rewrite. Nothing scares me.

accommodating, attentive & easy to work with

Whether you need a lively press release announcing an event, an eloquent brochure to publicize your new business, a more comprehensive website reflecting the growth of your organization, PR for a product launch or a full marketing campaign that'll take your thriving corporation to the next level, I bring a distinct breadth of proficiency and consummate professionalism to every assignment. In short, I function as a well-oiled, trusty and diligent component of your marketing machine, remaining open, flexible, innovative and accessible throughout, until every "i" is dotted, every "t" crossed and everyone in the equation fully satisfied with the end result.

I have worked in every type of situation, whether reviewing drafts during one-on-one discussions with sole proprietors, fielding numerous suggestions from a small creative team or orchestrating several rounds of complex revisions from decision-makers on opposite ends of the country. I want everyone at the table to be satisfied and confident that the end product is precisely what that particular project requires in order to be successful. With versatility, savvy and an easy-going approach, I do everything I can to make that happen.

In terms of working style, I'm upbeat, communicative, productive and easy-going, and clients value my ability to foster a process that is efficient, streamlined and pleasant for all concerned. High-caliber communications doesn't just mean great writing, it also means a working style that accommodates everyone's needs, concerns, methods and priorities. Lastly, my robust sense of humor makes every interaction more fun and fruitful!

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