International Top-Up

International mobile remittance (also known as international mobile airtime recharge / international top-up / top-up credit) is a remittance transfer service which allows a person in one country to securely and electronically transfer or top-up mobile credit to another mobile belonging to a family member or friend abroad. The top-up can happen through various payment mechanisms. The sender selects the country, mobile network, number of the recipient, mobile air time amount, and makes the transfer. The mobile air time is credited to the recipient instantl

What is International Top-Up?

What is International Top-Up?

It is now possible to top-up your phone’s battery and is often referred to as the mobile top-up. Top-ups for mobiles in international markets let you move credit onto mobile phones in different countries. This means that you’ll be able to communicate with those you’re most passionate about.

You can now make credit available to a mobile phone that is prepaid that’s what a mobile top-up can be. Top-ups for mobiles in international markets permit you to transfer credit to mobiles in different countries, meaning you’re always able to talk with those you care about. We also provide service at My Country Mobile, Ace Peak Investment 


The development of mobile phone remittances internationally are directly linked to the growth of the mobile phone as well as its widespread acceptance. Today the International mobile airtime recharges are the largest and most commonly utilized remittance method for mobile phones. It’s responsible for close to 75 percent of the total mobile transaction remittances. The number of merchants offering mobile airtime remittance solutions has increased in countries in need in part because of the rapid growth of mobile payment services. It is now easy for workers as well as family and friends traveling to or from countries outside of the United States to make mobile airtime top-ups at the comfort of their homes, mobile phone, bank, or even their local store. You can also read about this in  Wholesale Voice and Call Mama.


How do I send international mobile Top-Up Online from anywhere in The World. On the most basic level airtime is only utilized by buying credits from a telecommunications company. It allows users to use network services including voice, SMS, data as well as other. In addition, adding value or mobile credit to a prepay phone is referred to as a top-up. Top-ups across borders the availability of data and On the most basic level airtime can be utilized by buying credits from a telecommunications company. The ability to use network services including voice, SMS, data and more. In addition, adding value or mobile credit to a prepay phone is known as”top-up.Top-ups for cross-border crossing

The accessibility of data and other services offered by an operator on mobiles could be considered a given in manydeveloped countries. But that’s not the case for emerging markets. This is why we recommend sendingshipping to countries in the developing world are more frequent every day.In the past, the usage of prepaid cards, ATM loads, or the standard recharge offered in the retailer points was extensively employed, today technology allows recharge of credit from various countries. It’s simple to use and the results are not just rapid, but also reliable.They are particularly useful for sending load to loved ones, relatives or partners who live abroad However, the range of people who gain benefits from them is much more than. Students abroad, traders and tourists, business travelers as well as migrant workers and refugees are able to top-up their mobile phones worldwide to fulfill a wide range of requirements.How can I recharge an international phone number?In the beginning, you must select the country in which you wish to perform international mobile recharges, similar to India.Select the country you wish to visit.Select the amount you would like to pay. In the end, you have to pay for your recharge. …The recharge is sent immediately to the mobile phone in the world.International Top-Up Top Up connects you with the people that matter to you the most on whatever mobile network they’re connected to and from wherever they may be around the globe. With our easy-to-use process you can top-up any phone that is prepaid in the world. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a beloved one, a friend or even your own phone, making online mobile top-ups has never simpler.Utilizing International Top-Up Top Up’s simple tool, you are able to send data and credit to more than 45 global mobile networks! We partner with major mobile operators around the globe, which means you remain connected to friends and family across the globe, including MTN as well as Airtel up to Vodacom along with Orange.  every top-up helps another person who is able to remain connected to someone who is important to them.Select a country, then enter the phone number and select the amount. It’s as easy as that! In just a few minutes you could be communicating with your friends and family without worrying about any hidden costs. Making international mobile top-ups available online need not be costly or complicated. By using International Top-Up Top Up, we make it simple for you to stay in touch with people that matter to you. You can do your Top-Up at SMS Local.