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What is the calling code for India? Making your phone call

Because of the massive amount of foreigners and tourists traveling through India, there’s a high possibility you’ll need to connect with someone Indian person at some time and another. Making a phone call from outside India isn’t a major issue however it’s not as simple to call India from the country of your origin. There are certain tricks and tips to consider when trying to figure out how to get your call will be handled. Learn more about these here.

How do I call India?


India’s country code is +91.

Are you aware of any other code that comes from India I should keep an eye on?

India offers a variety of area codes using three and two numbers that you need to dial according to the city you want to be a part of. The larger cities typically use 2-digit codes in India but smaller cities and cities are filled with 3-digit codes. Some of the most sought-after cities that you can call in India will be listed in the following table:

Bangalore: 80
Calcutta: 33
Delhi: 11
Hyderabad: 40
Mumbai: 22

Indian base numbers consist of 8 numbers. They are divided into four groups like 12345678. If you dial Mumbai and receive an answer number, it’s 22-1234-578. In this case, you’ll have to dial +91 22 12345678 if you’re calling using a mobile. If calling from a landline, it’s necessary to enter the International calling number (more about it in the coming days) and then dial 922-12345678.
calling India via an unconnected landline
When calling another country via landline, there is no option to call”+” “+” before the country code. This is why you need to make use of”+” before the prefix international. The prefixes are different depending on the country that the call originated from. The most popular are:

UK, Italy, China: 00
The United States or Canada: 011
Japan: 010
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Why did my call to India not work?

If your call to India fails to go through, try with these tips to troubleshoot:

Make sure the local number you’re dialing is correct.
Make sure you’re using the correct dialing format (your country’s international call prefix, India’s country code, the area code, then the local number)
If you’re calling on a mobile phone, make sure you use the “+” symbol before the country code, not the international call prefix.
There are other ways to make calls to India that might be better options than calling internationally. It may be easier or cheaper to use an app, like WhatsApp or Skype. WhatsApp offers free calls, and Skype allows you to pre-load the app with credits for making international calls (calls via the app to another Skype user are free).We also provide to 222 area code and 269 area code and many more.

Do phone numbers in India usually have voicemail boxes?

Most telecom companies in India do not provide voicemail regularly however, in certain instances it could add to the services available to subscribers. Most people using mobile phones can access voicemail through the manufacturer of their device or their cell phone service provider.
Due to the large number of tourists and foreigners who travel to India, you’ll likely have to communicate with one Indian person at one point or another. Calls from overseas to India aren’t a problem however, it’s not as easy as calling India from your home country. There are a variety of ways and rules to adhere to to ensure that your call gets answered. Find out more information about the guidelines below.

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