Virtual Text Number

What is a Virtual Text number?

A virtual number is an unregistered phone number that’s not linked to any network physical and can be used to handle unlimited concurrent calls. The calls that originate from the virtual number can be tracked and monitored to see how they’re working. There is no need to have an actual telephone line in your workplace to call. It is possible to use virtual text numbers Virtual text numbers in the similar way you would with a regular phone to make calls or receive calls. Inbound teams, as also remote/field agents can use the same number for communicating with potential customers. It’s a fact that traditional methods of working compelled businesses to operate remotely, and tools like cloud-based technology have played a crucial role in encouraging this change. Virtual text numbers aren’t linked with EPABX equipment, SIM cards, or wired networks. They’re hosted in a cloud-based platform that allows calls to be routed to more than two parties depending on stipulated conditions. You may be wondering why cloud numbers differ from the standard numbers and the reasons you choose the latter. It’s easy. Cloud telephony offers numerous advantages that traditional services cannot.

How does a virtual Text number work?

Let’s take a look at some examples: (Interactive Voice Response) IVR is a service that greets customers by giving an automated voice message and then provides an interactive menu that can be navigated with keys to reduce customer stress. It’s a very popular tool for the workplace nowadays since it assists clients on their journeys with the least amount of human interaction. The name implies that it functions as an actual receptionist, which means you don’t need to worry about holidays or work days. A personalized recording like “Thank you for reaching out to us. We’ll get back to you in the next few hours. Our working hours are as follows: that and.” This will assist you in providing relevant information to your clients. It’s simple, however, it makes an impression on anyone who might call you first even if it’s after hours. The technology provides your callers with another way to address their requirements urgently. Subscribers will be alerted of these calls using the email addresses they have, making sure that they are kept informed. It’s great to provide your customers with a range of ways to communicate with you. This builds trust and confidence and improves the relationship between your customer and you.


Virtual text numbers include a an impressive online dashboard accessible through smartphone applications as well. The dashboard updates automatically depending on your activity and also your progress. It also gives you detailed reports. You are able to customize the fields and columns to meet your particular needs for evaluation. Conflicts between agents and clients are not uncommon and are often due to a lack of communication. Call recordings can be helpful in these instances and act as sources of information for both parties. The dashboard lets you access these recordings, which will improve your service’s quality (QoS). Virtual text numbers can assist you in staying in the client’s mind by sending automatic replies via text messages. These messages will be sent out immediately after the call has ended. The aim is to improve the likelihood of being remembered after the issue is resolved. You can visit at 220 area code and 260 area code.

Your name can be easily remembered by your customers when you are featured in their inboxes using appealing and custom-designed templates, including hyperlinks to your website or sharing discount offers. The number used for regular calls is linked to a phone line SIM card which is offered by a local or national telephone service provider. For office networks, it’s the process of putting telephone lines within your premises to connect to each telephone, which is expensive and requires periodic maintenance. We also provide service at Lets Dial and Call Nation. When you receive your Virtual Text number you are connected to your phone using different devices and locations. The infrastructure that is required to use this Virtual Text number including software and data backup is usually managed by the service provider with minimal maintenance for you to perform. You can read our blog about how to use Indian mobile number in USA.

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