WhatsApp Business Virtual Number

What is a WhatsApp Business virtual number?

There was a period when each number on the phone was linked to a particular line. The line was directly connected to the operator of the phone as well as physically linked to the location (home and office) through wiring. So, any calls made to this number could only be routed to this specific location. For an office phone number, the company was equipped with a PBX telephone system to handle extension numbers, call routing as well as voice mails.
This all sounds very vintage does it not? In the present day, with the advent of Android or iOS the physical restrictions and limitations can be easily removed with a virtual phone number. In France Virtual phone numbers typically begin with 01 02, 03, and go all the way to 09. A number that is virtual WhatsApp Business number an individual number that is linked to the WhatsApp Business accounts… that leads us to the next inquiry…We provide this service at Ajoxi and Lets Dial.

What are the advantages of having a virtual phone number?

Cell phone or landline (iPhone smartphone, iPhone),
A tablet computer
A laptop, using a VoIP software like.
Numbers for virtual phones are especially used by call centers and businesses who have international operations. A virtual number can be significantly less expensive than doubling local phone subscriptions. Furthermore virtual numbers come with enhanced voice greeting capabilities. For instance, you can create on-hold messages in the language you prefer and select the key combination you prefer to connect with the correct person! This kind of service is easy to setup. In addition, virtual phone numbers are a great method to assess the ROI investment for the marketing strategy (call tracker).

How to use WhatsApp Business with a virtual number ?

Messaging companies

Utilize WhatsApp Business to access the WhatsApp Business app with a virtual mobile number.

First, get your virtual phone number. Follow these steps to make use of it in WhatsApp Business App: WhatsApp Business App:

Begin with downloading your WhatsApp Business App from Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iOS). It’s completely free. The application that manages your virtual number must be running and connected directly to the phone (internet access is required).WhatsApp validation through text message might not work. We recommend opt for a phone call verification. A robot will provide you with an WhatsApp authentication code.After that, you must make sure to enter that verification code. This completes the setting up account. WhatsApp Business account. We’re there! Now you can use WhatsApp Business from your smartphone, iPhone or on your desktop computer using WhatsApp Web.  We also provide service to 209 area code, 242 area code and many more.

What WhatsApp Business can offer SMEs

When you’ve learned more about WhatsApp Business, you’ll understand that it’s among the most affordable platforms available to small and medium-sized businesses to improve their interactions with customers. It’s simple to use and is capable of taking the place of a variety of channels when you utilize it properly. Fast response: If a client encounters a problem with their order or has a question you have, they can connect to you immediately for a response. There is no need to fill in any forms or dial the helpline.

Verified presence: If you must verify your presence that your clients are in fact talking to you, they will be aware they’re speaking to the genuine company. This will help in solving issues faster. User-friendliness The user experience is easy to use. If you’ve ever tried WhatsApp and you’ve used it, you’ll be aware that it’s user-friendly and doesn’t require any technical knowledge. It’s the same with WhatsApp Business. WhatsApp Business app is no different.

The world’s largest market WhatsApp can reach two billion users around the world. Anyone anywhere can have conversations with you. Keep in mind that even if it is a small company it is possible to sell your services or products online to customers from all nations. Marketing alerts When your customers have opted-in to receive marketing promotions and even share new product launches with them. Write the message out and send it to them. It’s that simple. Flexible multi-media: it’s more than only text, but you can also share images and videos with the people on your list. Privacy is enhanced: WhatsApp Business has end-to-end encryption to ensure the security for its customers. Reputation management: If your customers’ issues are solved in just a few minutes, their satisfaction will rise and positively impact your image.

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